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We understand telephones, computers and networks meaning we can provide solutions to what seem like impossible situations or when other people have said it can’t be done through innovative use of cutting edge technology. Our business solutions will integrate with each other so you won’t get frustrated when the elements don’t work with each other properly and thus enable your organisation to run as smoothly as possible.

We supply, install and support Avaya, SpliceCom, Draytek and 3CX telephone systems. These four companies enable us to provide solutions for small offices with just a couple of people, up to and including hundreds of staff in one office or many, including remote offices and connect to your computer network, allowing far greater integration and unified communications than previously available.

Avaya IP Office SpliceCom Maximiser Draytek IP PBX 3CX Software based IP PBX

We have a number of options to reduce your line rental and call charges. We can port your numbers to our VoIP provider, or if you prefer, take over your existing lines and calls and move them to our line provider. Your existing equipment and location will have a bearing on the most suitable line type, as both VoIP and ISDN have their pros and cons.
We won’t try to sell you or move your existing lines to something that will clearly not work with either your system or location. We can also arrange to have your numbers ported to either VoIP or our low-cost line provider.

Call us on 01242621641 for more information or for a cost comparison with your existing line provider.

Computers and Networks
We offer a number of innovative solutions that go hand in hand with our telephony solutions so you get the best, most reliable service from our computer network and telephony solutions. We believe that our solutions offer significant cost savings when compared with similar solutions from other companies / providers.

If you are about to move office or are thinking of changing the IT equipment in it, we can provide you with a working office and phones effectively free. If you take our cloud option, you won’t need to buy or run an expensive server and have access to your documents anywhere with an internet connection. If you would like a more traditional solution or are not ready to move to the our cloud, we can replace a your server for the fraction of the cost and you will still have the benefits of running a Server. Backup restoration can be a very quick process, there won’t be any need to restore from tapes or wait for a Server to be rebuilt. You can choose how much of the our cloud you want to integrate into your business, whether that is moving totally to the our cloud, or choosing a combination of local and cloud features, to get the best of both worlds.

Effectively Free Office SetupEffectively Free Office Setup

Your office network is just as important as the equipment that connects to it – your network powers systems, transports data and connects users. Your business relies on a fast, reliable and secure network foundation in order to deliver full productivity. We can provide a quote for structured cabling, either a full site survey or working from plans with photos. This covers from providing the cabinet with the trunking, taking the cable all the way to the sockets thought the building, through underground ducts, across overhead spans and will be certified upon completion.
Our WiFi solutions offer you the best possible coverage and speed for your premises and can even bridge a gap between buildings, ideal for a campus environment. We can come to your premises to undertake a WiFi survey so we can plan, specify and then check coverage so that you’ll have good signal strength throughout your building.

Long range WiFi access points linking buildings
Long range WiFi access points linking buildings

We offer a number of other options to help you get the best value for money from your IT, including email, Internet and security.

We can fully support any of our solutions for your IT and more – we can be your one-stop support company. You won’t have to keep being passed from one support company to another when they both say it’s the other person’s fault, therefore your IT issues will be resolved more quickly and efficiently. You won’t have to spend hours on the phone trying to get your issues resolved.

Have a look at our support options or call us on 01242621641 to see how we could save you money.