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Most people are familiar with Microsoft Office, but don't like the new menu bars in Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 and they know how to use Outlook. At home they have become familiar with the web mail interface of gmail and hotmail etc.

MS Office versions and alternative
MS Office versions and alternative

You could save money by checking each users requirement and getting the appropriate version(s) as Office comes in many versions. Microsoft also offer a free web base office suite, so why install the full one?

MS Office Web Version and alternative
MS Office Web version and alternative

We can show you how your staff can work efficiently without purchasing Microsoft Office for all the computers in your office, which could be a significant saving in itself. Some alternatives are:

  • We can set up and install a free suite of applications that is compatible with Microsoft Office. It looks like pre 2007 versions of Office, which people are more more familiar with.
  • Our Cloud provider provides an internet based Office suite, maintained and updated by them, this has the advantage that nothing needs to be installed or maintained on individual computers as it's all available from the internet on any computer.

Call us on 01242621641 so we can help you choose which is right for you, make sure your data is safe and plan for disaster recovery. Choosing the right office software and place to store / access / backup your data and communications system, can be key. We can help ensure minimum disruption to your organisation, what ever happens.

Key Features

  • Can be free
  • Can be Cloud-based
  • Fully MS Office compatible
  • Doesn't use the new menu bars in later versions of MS Office

Please call us on 01242621641 or email for more details or for a quote tailored to your requirements.                      


Prices start from free.

Please call us on 01242621641 or email for more details or for a quote tailored to your requirements.